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Beyond greenhouse gases: Transforming project design through impact measurement

Measuring impact: a methodology to inform transformative project design- Report out now

Co-produced with Capgemini, you can now read Forum for the Future's latest report to explore how businesses can adopt this methodology and go beyond calculating current emissions to inspire transformative project design and decision-making.

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Join us at Climate WeekNYC 2022

As global warming and climate change impact our planet, Capgemini is focusing on becoming part of the solution.

Capgemini is committed to choosing a path to net positive and are keen to co-innovate with their clients and partners in that journey.

Next-generation supply-chain management is imperative in addressing a business’s true impact on climate change.

Dr. Sally Uren will be a keynote speaker along with Dr. James Robey, Global Head of Sustainability at Capgemini, and Sol Salinas, Global Executive Vice President at Capgemini during Climate Week NYC to explore how technology can provide transparency in complex supply chains. During this event, we will also discuss Web 3.0, including blockchains and smart contracts-enabling technology that can provide transparency and traceability of Scope 3 carbon tracking of products and services in complex supply chains.

This hybrid event will feature speakers such as Evangeline Marzec, Kieren James-Lubin, Adam Schafer, Greg Urban, MBA, MSc, Mathew Yarger from Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange’s ecosystem who are changing the game in supply chain management.

Join us on 20 September 2022 in person or virtually!

If you are interested in learning more and joining this exciting discussion, sign up here!

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