Quarter of US citizens earn from sharing economy

Signal of change / Quarter of US citizens earn from sharing economy

By Alexa Rees-Jones / 20 Dec 2016

In a new Pew study, 24% of nearly 5,000 randomised survey participants reported earning money from the digital platform economy. Activities included completing part time work, selling items, and renting possessions through digital platforms.

So what?

We have seen the growth of the sharing economy over several years, and it appears it has reached a critical mass as a quarter of the population engage.

The most interesting thing the survey reveals is that younger Americans are more likely to look for work through the platforms whereas those 30+ are most likely to sell things over online platforms.

If the trend of younger people seeking extra income through the platforms continues we may see a radical reorganisation of work in America. 



What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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