Backfeed: an operating system for decentralised organisations

Signal of change / Backfeed: an operating system for decentralised organisations

By Anna Simpson / 25 Oct 2016

A new operating system for organisations, called Backfeed, aims to enable "large-scale, free and systematic cooperation between thousands of people without the coordination of any central authority".

It is founded upon a peer-to-peer evaluation system, based on tokens that are recorded on blockchains. The tokens represent the perceived value of individual contributions to a community and enable the organisation to compensate accordingly.

So what?

This is part of a growing wave of ‘platform co-operativism’, in which businesses are owned and controlled by the services users themselves. It is evidence of the Sharing Economy coming to maturity, and the regeneration of co-operatives. It offers to enable networked organisations to scale, presenting a clear challenge to hierarchy and centralised decision-making.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

this is especially interesting because of the use of blockchain - it looks like one of the first platforms out there to help people take advantage of the radical decentralisation that blockchain applications can allow. If it takes off we could see a wave of new co-operative enterprises that can take on giants like Uber...
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