Dubai’s government aims to have all documents on a blockchain

Signal of change / Dubai’s government aims to have all documents on a blockchain

By Rodrigo Bautista / 27 Oct 2016

Dubai’s government’s goal is to have all its documents secured by 2020 on a blockchain. This ambition sets a precedent for the institutional use of emerging digital applications of blockchain, and shows clear leadership. It was announced at an event hosted by the Dubai Future Foundation and the Smart Dubai Office.

So what?

This starts to normalise the use of blockchain. Dubai’s government initiative could signal the beginning of a wider adoption of blockchain applications by institutions outside the financial sector; today it is only about storing documents, but in the future it could be about decentralising services, removing the middle man and ultimately changing how we trust institutions.  

Could initiatives like this one prepare the foundations for a radical change in how we organise institutions, provide services and exchange value?

Blockchain holds the long-term promise of enabling global decentralised organisations, self-organising communities and autonomous services; but it’s too early to know the ripple effects of what such a new order could mean legally and for governments.

How might the normalisation of blockchain applications change the goals of the systems we rely on and enable collective paradigm shift?


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What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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