Abandoned nuclear site becomes solar farm in Tennessee

Signal of change / Abandoned nuclear site becomes solar farm in Tennessee

By Anna Simpson / 29 Aug 2017

In Hawkins County, Tennessee, a nuclear power plant that was abandoned mid-construction has been converted into a 3000-panel 1MW solar farm, able to power around 100 homes. The conversion is a joint initiative involving Hawkins County Industrial Development Board, Birdseye Renewal Energy, Holston Electric, and United Renewable Energy. The project included planting of seeds to attract pollinators.

So what?

Keith Herbs, Executive Vice President of United Renewable Energy, said at the opening ceremony: “There is something very enjoyable about taking an idle ground and using it for something that provides economic opportunities and benefits to the community.”

The integration of wildlife rehabitation into the plans points to the power of renewables to focus minds on local regeneration, from economic diversity to biodiversity.




This signal was spotted by Carol Brighton:

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CleanEnergy Transformation - Abandoned under construction TN nuclear power plant is converted into a #solar farm https://t.co/5KnB62AGHW

What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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