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Amazon files patent for underwater warehouses

Signal of change / Amazon files patent for underwater warehouses

By Madhumitha Ardhanari / 12 Jul 2017

A major issue most logistics companies will face in the next few years is land scarcity. Is this the concern behind Amazon's recently filed patent for underwater depots? The plan would see underwater depots in lakes or reservoirs, with goods summoned to the surface by acoustic vibrations.

So what?

Amazon's underwater storage concept is still in the patenting stage and sounds very much out there. One question is whether acoustic vibrations will prove effective. More importantly, given the massive impact of shipping and military exercises on marine life, I worry about the negative impacts of such technologies on underwater ecosystems.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

While reading this signal I came across this other one as well - Amazon patents a warehouse in the sky - gosh! It does sound like they are on a crusade to conquer all -
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