Oil & gas workers in Texas shift to solar industry

Signal of change / Oil & gas workers in Texas shift to solar industry

By Anna Simpson / 28 Aug 2017

Five operational solar farms in Pecos County, Texas, are now employing former oil and gas workers. Each farm has the capacity to generate at least 1MW - or power 200 homes. 

So what?

Writing for the Houston Chronicle, oil-and-gas reporter Ryan Maye Handy says, "Across the nation, solar farms are poised to become a boon for rural economies that have been hard hit by the decline of industries such as agriculture, manufacturing and coal, as well as the boom-and-bust cycles of oil and gas". Pecos County also has 700MW in wind power. Plans to add more transmission lines across the county are expected to help solar reach scale, creating more jobs and supporting the transition to renewable energy as oil prices continue to dwindle. 




What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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