30% of fashion brands called out as green-washers

Signal of change / 30% of fashion brands called out as green-washers

By Joy Green / 26 Mar 2015

Fashion brands are increasingly being scrutinised to see if their claims of sustainability have any substance. Rank-a-brand recently (2014) did a study of 368 high profile fashion brands and concluded that 30% of them should be placed on ‘Greenwashing Alert’. Less than 10% of them were performing at a high level of follow-through on their sustainability plans. Implementation of fair labour conditions was particularly weak and opaque, with just 7% publishing lists of their direct suppliers.

Image: Cajsa Lilliehook / Flickr

So what?

Major brands have recognised the importance of sustainability to consumers and often use such claims in their marketing. However the increasing trend for transparency is likely to catch out companies who are not following through as expected.


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What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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