Helsinki: zero car ownership by 2025?

Signal of change / Helsinki: zero car ownership by 2025?

By Naomi White / 20 Jan 2015

Finland’s capital city could have zero individually owned cars by 2025, according to the thesis of transport engineer Sonja Heikkilä, commissioned by the Helsinki City Planning Department. A city-wide shared ‘mobility as a service’, or MaaS, involving bikes, trains and ride-sharing, would render privately owned cars unnecessary. 

Heikkilä’s proposal includes this description of a day in the transportation life of a Piritta, a future Helsinki resident: “Piritta boards a tram, alights from it a couple of stops later and hires a bicycle to travel to work. After work, she orders a car of demand responsive transport and travels to the sport hall, where her training equipment already waits for her. Finally after practice, she shares a ride in a shared car and travels home. Piritta uses all services through her personal mobility operator and the use of services is charged directly from her account.” 

So what?

Already, many of these practices – hiring bicycles, sharing cars – are in mainstream use. Joined-up visions seem a relatively small next step.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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