Disadvantages of the Cyber School

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In 2015, more than 6.7 million college students are enrolled in online courses, according to the online assignment writers. In 10 years, the overwhelming number of students participating in online courses has increased to a great extent. Even though, the economic government is motivating people to change careers or further continue their education through online degree programs. However, many people perceive online education as flexible and convenient, but on the other hand, it has tons of disadvantages as well.


Personal interaction

Students who take online courses don’t have the same level of interaction as traditional education and doesn’t have as much confidence as the traditional education student has. The online education environment can create a feeling of isolation which gives a negative impact on the student’s performance in the course. Less interaction with instructors and classmates results in poor networking opportunities and poor peer relationships. Online courses reduce the number of communications such as speeches, group presentations, and class discussions. Limited access to both verbal and non-verbal signals can make it difficult for the students to grasp the meaning of the subject material and concepts.


Limited resources

The pleasing content of the online classes is that they can be completed from any location in the world. However, completing online courses during traveling or at home can delay a student’s academic performance. Almost every school offers learning facilities such as labs, study rooms or libraries in order to enhance an individual’s learning experiences. Not having these facilities in school can negatively affect a student’s quality of educational performance and quality.



The reliability of technology is increasing at a great pace, however, there is still much reason that can hinder the path of the technology such as your server could fail, or your internet could disconnect. So, it is important for the cyber students to constantly back up their work but on the other hand, there could be trouble with the hard drive. Working online also proposes the risk of delayed assignment submission or failed email. To minimize the risks, it is important for students to study and complete assignments before the deadline.  If students do not troubleshoot the technical problems in a timely manner, then it will become a hindrance in the oath of their overall academic experience. 



Cyber School needs students to take responsibility for their education. When students work in an isolated environment, then it becomes difficult for them to complete their assignments. However, online education is only effective for highly motivated students because they are the students who struggle with time management and internal motivation. Struggling students who take online courses fail or withdraw more often as compared to the students who struggle in traditional courses. Thus, struggling students need a higher level of engagement with their teachers in order to succeed. If struggling students don’t have personal interaction or motivation, then their educational experience could be short-changed by online courses.


More work

Online courses usually require a great number of assignments and reading than traditional classes. Online education improves the quality of the online courses, and this means that students will have to do more work to prove that they have mastered the material. Schedule your time to spend at least 10 hours per week on each online course.


Intense requirements for self-discipline

The online course has deadlines for assignments, lectures, test, etc. That’s not the problem, but the real problem is the time management and organization skills necessary to top of your work. In order to mitigate it an appropriate amount of time requires completing each task and balancing your homework against other priorities of life.

What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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