PowerPaired matches community energy groups with renewable energy owners

Signal of change / PowerPaired matches community energy groups with renewable energy owners

By Areeba Hasan / 29 Jul 2019

PowerPaired is a new, free online platform which provides “a matchmaking service” to community energy groups and the owners of sites with potential for renewable energy generation. The project, conceptualised and designed by sustainability NGO Forum for the Future, supported by the players of People’s Postcode Lottery, and funded by Postcode Earth Trust and Friends Provident Foundation, aims to work with schools, farmers, private landowners amongst many others.

In an attempt to combat obstacles faced by privately owned energy as well as the current system of community energy including lack of public awareness, time, resources and effort involved in the process of generating clean energy, PowerPaired is already offering over 100 assets from organisations such as the National Grid alongside churches, schools, offices and other sites across the UK.

So what?

Community energy is a great step towards decarbonisation but also towards collective action to manage and produce energy locally which will subsequently help in job and income creation in local  communities, not to mention the control it will hand to people with regards to where their energy comes from. By helping communities across the UK achieve these goals, PowerPaired is bound to create lasting economic and social impact at varying local levels.

An interesting thing to note is that power will also go into the hands of local schools and other youth-based organisations through this initiative, and help empower the existing global youth movement calling on governments to take action on climate change.

Will PowerPaired inspire behaviour change and prompt further initiative towards the transition to a more sustainable future?



What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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