Black arts podcast puts equity at heart of Chicago's radical renaissance

Signal of change / Black arts podcast puts equity at heart of Chicago's radical renaissance

By Anna Simpson / 15 Jul 2019

Black Youth Project and Chicago arts podcast AirGo have together launched a year-long weekly podcast series showcasing black artists, rappers, poets, musicians, organizers, and changemakers reimagining and reshaping the culture of the city and country for a more equitable future. 


As well as inspiring a more equitable future, the podcast aims to document Chicago’s radical renaissance and create a living archive of humanizing dialogue telling the stories of our creative communities and social movements. 

So what?

This initiative was shared with the Futures Centre as an example of youth action to combat white supremacy and priviliege, in response to the question 'How can we empower ourselves to create thriving communities?', as part of our Explorer: a global digital conversation on the theme, Empowered youth today: thriving communities tomorrow.   It reflects rising concern over social polarisation, driven in particular by a return to the notion of white supremacy, and a rise in creative initiatives to counter it.   Social cohesion has emerged as a strong theme in the first two-weeks of our Explorer, second only to the environment as a cause for concern and action.  


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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