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Net-zero properties trialled in the UK

Signal of change / Net-zero properties trialled in the UK

By Jennifer Revell / 29 Apr 2019

Moat Homes, in partnership with energy firm ENGIE, is trialling a net-zero property scheme in the UK.

The firm “Energiesprong” refurbishes homes with energy efficient walls, windows, solar roofs, and electrical heating systems. These properties have close to net-zero carbon emissions.

Energiesprong uses the social housing sector as the launching market for these solutions, with a view to later scale to the private homeowner market.

There are now nearly 15000 of these homes in the Netherlands, and the market continues to grow globally.


So what?

If this project were scaled up, it could help governments achieve carbon reduction targets.

However, is the refurbishment of homes a speedy enough approach to tackling our climate issue?

The refurbishments promise to take fewer than 10 days to complete, promising to use the money saved from fewer energy bills and maintenance costs.

Approximately 11% of UK households suffer from fuel poverty. By launching the project in the social housing sector, the benefits of the scheme go to those most in need, contrasting traditional energy saving methods which are largely unaffordable for most.

These properties are self-sustaining, using minimal energy from grids, therefore cutting fuel costs and tackling issues of fuel poverty. When considering this on a global scale, the opportunity to provide the public with a better standard of living is vast. This signifies a step toward net-zero communities.



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