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Lidl's veg box scheme reduces food waste by 250 tonnes

Signal of change / Lidl's veg box scheme reduces food waste by 250 tonnes

By Jennifer Revell / 25 Apr 2019

Lidl’s food wastage scheme, “Too Good to Waste” offers £1.50 boxes containing damaged or discoloured seasonal fruit and veg.

The programme offers products that may not usually appeal to customers at a reduced price in order to cut down on the supermarket's food waste.

If the boxes are not sold by midday, they are given to local charity and community programmes.

Lidl has extended the programme to all stores in England, Scotland and Wales after an early pilot prevented 250 tonnes of food going to waste.



So what?

This initiative implies that efforts towards reducing food waste can be a huge success. Therefore, this has the potential to encourage other supermarkets to follow suit and implement an industry-wide reduction in food waste. About one-third of food produced worldwide gets wasted. This food rots in landfills, producing methane. An estimate of 11% of greenhouse gas emissions could be mitigated if there was a reduction in food waste.

Additionally, veg-box schemes encourage healthy eating. These affordable 5-kilo veg boxes could result in a healthier diet across countries involved. This would work towards reducing cases of obesity and lower strain on hospital resources.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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