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First book written by AI summarizes advancement in battery technology

Signal of change / First book written by AI summarizes advancement in battery technology

By Ryan Jones / 09 Apr 2019

The first AI written book has been published by Springer Nature, and the company says more are on the way. The machine-generated book aggregated and summarized a multitude of different research papers pertaining to lithium-ion batteries. Currently, the largest challenge is that the technology does not favour readability. The book is incredibly dense with citations, and lacks any theme or flow. The book is titled "Lithium-Ion Batteries" and is linked below.

So what?

If the challenge of automatic summarization can be solved it would drastically accelerate research and potentially the generation of solutions. This isn't the first instance of AI-generated writing, but is a landmark for the tools widespread application. The amount of information currently produced through academic journals is overwhelming and time intensive. Could this be a first step in automating scientific advancement, by allowing for scientists to focus on the big picture instead of more laborious tasks, reducing the time waste in preparing and running experiments? Bob Murphy, Head of computational biology at Carnegie Mellon, says that this can cause a paradigm shift and “move the role of the scientist higher and higher up in the food chain”.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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