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Burger King introduces Meatless Whopper

Signal of change / Burger King introduces Meatless Whopper

By Ryan Jones / 02 Apr 2019

Burger King has partnered with Impossible Foods to roll out a meatless Whopper to 59 restaurants across the St. Louis area with plans for national implementation. The veggie based burger will have 15% less fat, 90% less cholesterol and about the same amount of protein. Other American fast food chains such as White Castle and Carl’s Jr. have also sold new age veggies burgers from similiar startups but national rollout from Burger King would dwarf them in size.



So what?

The announcement signifies a step forward for meat alternatives because of the nature of it’s implementation. Burger King, as quintessential a fast food company as they come, is tinkering with their most iconic product and choosing to roll it out in beef centric Middle America. This comes from the confidence in the product and as Burger King’s chief marketing officer said himself that his team who “know the whopper inside and out... struggle to differentiate which is which”. This shows how far their products have come and how the only barrier left to wider adoption is social acceptance and the stigma around vegetarianism. Burger King is choosing to keep the product tailored towards meat eaters by continuing to put mayonnaise on top of all their Whoppers, putting it out of bounds for vegans. This hugely helps to normalize meat alternatives and sends the signal that they're not just for vegans or vegitarians.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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