First Urban Farm campus to open in Michigan

Signal of change / First Urban Farm campus to open in Michigan

By Jennifer Revell / 28 Mar 2019

The seed-to-sales urban farm Square Roots has announced that it is teaming up with Gordon Food to build an Urban Farming Camps in Wyoming, Michigan, to empower youth to become the future’s urban farmers.

Urban Farming addresses the growing demand for locally grown produce in cities. Using innovative methods such as vertical farming. Companies such as Square Roots are able to supply local residents with fresh, pesticide-free food with a low carbon footprint.



So what?

A growing demand for Urban Farming demonstrates a presence of public understanding of the impact of their food choices. A desire for locally grown food with fewer toxins suggests that people want to lower their foods carbon footprint and avoid the dangers of pesticide use.

Urban Farming addresses the problems of urbanization and land use. Climate change will put pressures on land as a resource. Could the growth of urban farms pose a solution?

An Urban Farming Campus displays awareness and provides solutions to our future world. Equipping the future workforce with skills of Urban Farming has a significant social impact. Providing young people with a skill set that will grow in value benefits those learning and society.

Can urban farming replace traditional farming? This would result in significant societal change and disrupt the agriculture industry which currently employs 11% of US citizens.

Additionally, what limitations, does vertical farming have? Vertical farming can only facilitate crops, not livestock. With more of the population adopting diets that do not include meat, could this be a solution to land use concerns?



What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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