OneWeb promises global internet access

Signal of change / OneWeb promises global internet access

By Jennifer Revell / 19 Mar 2019

OneWeb, a UK startup, has confirmed funding to create a global high-speed broadband network. The start-up plans to launch 30 satellites a month, beginning in 2021. This will ultimately create a constellation made up of 650 satellites, providing internet access to all.

OneWeb's mission is to connect all schools without internet, and provide affordable access to the 4 billion unconnected people around the world.

So what?

Areas that currently have patchy or no internet access at all, are commonly areas in poverty. Internet access provides a resource that will allow these areas to improve connectivity with emergency services, gender equality, telemedicine, and education.

Connectivity is crucial to building thriving, integrated and transparent economies. Access to information for educators and all genders can build stronger, more prosperous communities. Connectivity with emergency services and better healthcare enables remote areas to access necessary care.

Could this innovation allow impoverished areas to flourish?

The digital age has seen an expectation of instant information and communication. Areas of the globe that have been connected for decades have seen a rise in hyper-consumerism and online addiction, leading to mental health issues and environmental damage. Will there be a further rise in internet addiction and high-speed consumerism that has come with the digital age?




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What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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