A climate neutral EU by 2050

Signal of change / A climate neutral EU by 2050

By Jordan McKay / 30 Jan 2019

The European Union has issued plans to be the first major net zero economy.  This plan for “climate neutrality” lays out steps for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to low levels, followed by offsetting measures for any emissions occurring post 2050.  The EU plan’s first milestone goal comes in 2030 - a target of 40% emissions reduction.


So what?

Boldly stating plans to be the first climate neutral major economy, the EU has sent its members and the world a strong signal - a zero or low carbon future is coming.  However, the EU may not be the first nation or region to reach this objective as the technologies and tools exist globally. 2050, unfortunately, may also be too late to stave climate disaster according to the scientific community.  Further still, if the EU and other regions do reach climate neutrality in 2050, but other major economies do not, the climate will still be disrupted drastically. Can global, individual action on the part of states and economic regions bring the world to climate neutrality by 2050 or must we have international governance to coordinate such a change?

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