WhatsApp sets rules to curb violence in India

Signal of change / WhatsApp sets rules to curb violence in India

By Anna Simpson / 20 Jul 2018

WhatsApp is limiting how many times messages can be forwarded in India, to curb the spread of false information that some believe to have caused mob lynchings. Under the new limits, a single person will only be able to forward a message five times, rather than to large groups. 


India is WhatsApp's biggest market, and users there forward more messages than in any other country. WhatsApp is also India's largest internet-based service, and has been warned by the Government that it must not remain "passive" with regards to its social impact. 



So what?

The implications of our online lives for social relations are yet to be fathomed. While violence and political polarisation may be far from the mission of social media companies, how they can assume responsibility and offer protection is a question more will be called to answer.    What preventative action would you want WhatsApp and others to take? And what risks are not being sufficiently discussed?     


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What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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