A network of decentralized landscape regeneration practitioners

Signal of change / A network of decentralized landscape regeneration practitioners

By Jordan McKay / 18 Dec 2018

A group of farmers, landowners, and volunteers are working together to regenerate degraded land in Murcia and Andalucia, Spain.  The project, run by Camp Altiplano Restoration Camps, is  founded on the principles of permaculture and seeks to bring people together to provide them with the knowledge and tools to become a network of “ecosystems restorers”.

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So what?

With industrial agriculture and unsuitable monocrops degrading soilscapes and ecosystems the world over, regenerative agriculture provides genuine ray of hope for combating climate change, restoring ecosystems and hydrologic cycles, and increasing food nutrition and community resilience.  To realise a sustainable future for our soils and ecosystems, Camp Altiplano Restoration Camps seeks to spread practical knowledge to create a network of people able to employ regenerative agriculture techniques in any landscape.  Could Camp Altiplano’s network of practitioners grow enough to penetrate larger agricultural business networks, or will it remain local to smallholder farms in Murcia and Andalucia? Additionally, how might non Murcia or Andalucia residents engage and enable regenerative agricultural practices if volunteering on a farm isn’t feasible?




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What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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