People's Manifesto for Wildlife launched in the UK

Signal of change / People's Manifesto for Wildlife launched in the UK

By Jordan McKay / 24 Oct 2018

A pesticide tax, wildlife ponds at every industrial estate, an end to culling of seals and dredging for scallops, bird boxes at every new home, and replanting hedgerows are just some the demands put forth by People’s Manifesto for Wildlife. Launched by Chris Packham, best known for his work on the CBBC children’s nature series The Really Wild Show, the manifesto presents essays by 17 independent experts and scientists highlighting threats to UK landscape and biodiversity.  The essays are followed by “no-brainer” solutions which every person can undertake to abate the ecological degradation currently afoot in the UK. With businesses, governments, and NGO’s only able to act so fast, the manifesto provides a guide for individuals to take immediate action regarding a variety of ecological concerns ranging from a paucity of insects in the UK to environmental education in schools.


So what?

Principally due to intensive farming and habitat loss, biodiversity in the UK is falling drastically and many individuals wish to do be a part of the solution. The People’s Manifesto for Wildlife aims to channel just such interest into collective action, but with the variable deluge of media people are exposed to, will this manifesto be overlooked?  What media and social networks will this manifesto propagate through, and who might be spurred into action? Furthermore, what role do we as individuals play in the suppression, propagation, and ultimately, the realization of ideas put forward by such a manifesto?



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What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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