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Danish government considers labelling food based on climate impacts

Signal of change / Danish government considers labelling food based on climate impacts

By Sam Zak / 15 Oct 2018

The Danish government is considering introducing stickers showing the environmental impacts of food purchases so that consumers can see the effects of their purchases on the climate.

The initiative has been included in the new climate plan “Together for a Greener Future” and has been welcomed by the business interest group the Danish Agriculture and Food Council. The initiative will involve collaboration with supermarkets and food producers.

So what?

The food system is a major greenhouse gas emitter so that making greener food choices is a major way in which people can reduce their carbon footprint. Clear labelling could be instrumental in “nudging” consumers into greener food choices.

What barriers could this initiative face, notably from meat producers who could be reticent about revealing the extent of the carbon emissions of their products? Will this initiative take-off and if so might other countries follow Denmark’s lead?


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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