Plastic waste could beat price as top concern for British shoppers in 2030

Signal of change / Plastic waste could beat price as top concern for British shoppers in 2030

By Joy Green / 02 Oct 2018

New research by ThoughtWorks has found that the desire to reduce packaging and use more recyclable goods could become a top priority for British shoppers, even trumping price.

The findings are based on a survey of a representative sample of 2,000 adults who were asked to consider which issues would determine their food purchases in 2030. The report found that 62% of respondents said reducing plastic waste would be a number one issue and also reported increasing concern among consumers around issues of food waste, the origin of food, ethics in the supply chain and meat consumption.

So what?

The research comes amid a growing awareness and concern in Britain about plastic pollution, specifically the issue of ocean plastic. More tellingly, the overall trends in this survey point to a steep rise in conscious consumption that shape shopping habits in the coming decades.

Are these findings, based on people’s perceptions of how they will consume in the future too speculative or do they signal that consumerism is changing? If such trends prove to be true, how will businesses have to adapt to remain competitive? What opportunities are there for new, more socially and ecologically conscious businesses to enter the market?


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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