IKEA's first India store will deliver by solar-powered rickshaws

Signal of change / IKEA's first India store will deliver by solar-powered rickshaws

By Zarir DeVitre / 31 Aug 2018

IKEA opened its first store in India in Hyderabad on 9 August 2018. The company announced that 20 percent of the new store's delivery fleet would consist of solar-powered electric rickshaws that are distinctly painted in bright, multicolour prints and IKEA's blue and yellow branding. 4,000 solar panels installed on the store's roof will charge the vehicles, and any surplus energy generated will go towards lighting and other uses in the store.

Using the iconic three-wheeler vehicles is not just a gimmick as the company believes that the narrow dimensions and maneuverability makes rickshaws ideal to navigate Hyderabad’s traffic and narrow roads.


So what?

This latest effort is part of IKEA’s ‘People & Planet’ movement towards 100% renewable energy and the commitment to using only renewables and recyclables. The company is also a member of The Climate Group’s RE100 and EV100 initiatives and has committed to transitioning its entire global fleet to electric vehicles by 2030.

The company plans to roll out a total of 25 stores in India by 2025 and if they all incorporate the plan for electric vehicles for deliveries, it could have a significant impact towards their sustainability goals.




What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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