Scientists develop liquid battery that charges in seconds

Signal of change / Scientists develop liquid battery that charges in seconds

By Joanie K / 16 Aug 2018

Scientists at the University of Glasgow have developed a liquid battery which could charge electric cars in seconds.

The technology uses a metal oxide, described by the researchers as an “exotic rust”, that can be charged with electricity when added to water. It is this liquid that would be used to charge electric batteries allowing them to be “recharged” in roughly the same length of time as petrol cars. The old battery liquid would be removed at the same time and recharged for future use. The researchers say this would provide the same distance-range as conventional fossil fuels.

So what?

This technology could be key to making electric cars a viable alternative to combustion vehicles. Not only would the liquid battery enable the instant re-charge drivers have come to expect but it could also fit within fossil fuel infrastructure, thereby bypassing the need to roll-out electrical charging infrastructure.

If plans for the prototype successfully scale, could this be game-changing in accelerating the transition to electric vehicles? Could liquid batteries potentially serve as a solution to the electrical energy storage problem? 


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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