FixEd programme challenges young people to solve real problems

Signal of change / FixEd programme challenges young people to solve real problems

By Jordan McKay / 26 Jul 2018

FixEd is a free learning program designed to provide young people, called Fixperts, with valuable real-world experience and feedback, while also providing solutions to people who need them.

For example, a person with reduced hand mobility was able to write again after being delivered a FixPert-engineered and produced writing tool. From custom harnesses for parents of autistic children, to a bespoke handle for an arthritic dumpling chef, FixED claims to have provided more than 450 “ingenious, generous, and inspiring fixes…”.

So what?

The internet connects people and ideas, and those connections can be particularly powerful when they allow for two parties needs to be met simultaneously.  By pairing students who have time and creativity, but require experience, with people who have problems without solutions, both parties benefit. FixEd illuminates the value of simply connecting two disparate groups with symbiotic needs.


Is it possible that learning programs like these might be incorporated into traditional education at scale?  Will the nature of education change if solving real-world problems for real people proves more pedagogically effective than traditional project coursework?  Furthermore, as intellectual capital moves ever more freely, how will we protect and encourage those who produce it?


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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