Berlin crowdfunding campaign underway to build religious "House of One"

Signal of change / Berlin crowdfunding campaign underway to build religious "House of One"

By Zoe Le Grand / 26 Jul 2018

A crowdfunding campaign is underway to construct a “House of One” in Berlin, a religious space consisting of a church, synagogue and mosque connected with a central meeting place. The “House of One” is the product of a grassroots group of three religious communities, with the initial idea coming from a local protestant church community.

An architectural competition to choose a design was held in 2012 and a global fundraising campaign to build the space began in 2014. To date, the campaign has secured just over € 8.5 million of its € 43.5 million target, which the instigators were hoping to reach in 2016. Should it obtain sufficient funding it will occupy Petriplatz, a prominent site in the heart of Berlin.

So what?

The instigators believe the unique building will provide a space where different faiths can learn from each other and serve as a global symbol of “peaceful dialogue.”

Given the prominence of the three religious, does the fact that the project is struggling to reach its funding goals reflect a lack of support for such initiatives? Or is this a sign of increasing religious co-existence in an interconnected world?


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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