Q Bot: British company using robotics to monitor and maintain buildings

Signal of change / Q Bot: British company using robotics to monitor and maintain buildings

By Anna Simpson / 25 Jul 2018

A British company called Q-Bot is using cutting-edge robotics to maintain and upgrade the UK’s buildings.   

The company has enjoyed particular success in providing underfloor insulation, an upgrade typically avoided in retrofitting due to the costs and inconvenience it incurs. Instead, the company has developed a method using a controlled robot that is able to enter confined areas, map the building and apply insulation at low cost and with minimal disruption.

So what?

Q-Bot has demonstrated considerable value, with a recent case-study in Camden demonstrating the method can improve energy efficiency and generate annual savings of £140 - £300 on energy bills, thereby helping tackle fuel poverty. According to Q-Bot, if this method was applied to the estimated 8 million British homes with suspended timber floors, the energy savings generated would be the equivalent of shutting off two power stations.

Q-Bot are seeking to build on their success to transform the building environment with AI and robotics. Are developments in robotics crucial to providing affordable and intelligent ways of modernising old infrastructure? Can such innovations provide scalable solutions for countries to meet climate commitments?




What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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