“Plogging”: Sweden's new environmentally friendly workout trend

Signal of change / “Plogging”: Sweden's new environmentally friendly workout trend

By Katrina Mataciunaite / 25 Jul 2018

“Plogging”, which simply means picking up litter whilst jogging outside in nature, is a trend that started out in Scandinavia and has been gaining popularity in the United States. 'Ploggers' can track their activity on the health app Lifesum, which has also originated in Sweden and has 25 million users worldwide. In California, the trend was picked up by a creative communications company called Wicked+, which started a run club to clear up some of the local beaches.

So what?

The new workout trend is arguably not only good for one’s health, but is also beneficial for the environment.

Initiatives that combine environmentally friendly behaviours with positive lifestyle choices could be an effective way to promote sustainable living and encourage people to engage with their local natural environment.

The use of technology can also help people get organised to address local environmental concerns. If this trend continues, it could signal a change in the way people view and take responsibility for their surroundings.



What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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