Industry standard for electric aircraft on the horizon

Signal of change / Industry standard for electric aircraft on the horizon

By Ella-Louise Micallef / 10 Apr 2018

At the latest Siemens Innovation Day in Chicago, the industry leader offered the U.S its first look at its electric aircraft, a Magnus LSA fitted with a 55kW Siemens electric motor. The conference was set up in part to show the progress Siemens has made with electric propulsion, as well as highlighting the growing trend towards electric within the aviation industry as a whole. Siemens vice president of electric and hybrid-electric propulsion Teri Hamlin said that “the aviation industry is on the verge of a major shift in propulsion” which is focused on “A reduction in fuel consumption. Another is a significant reduction in emissions that can only be met by really disruptive technologies. Finally, there’s the needed reduction in aircraft noise”.

So what?

This aviation industry’s commitment to move towards electric is encouraging, especially considering the sectors huge carbon footprint, with Siemens believing electric will become an industry standard by 2050. Does this signal a wider shift in the transportation industry towards a more renewable approach?


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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