India's Cochin is first solar-powered airport

Signal of change / India's Cochin is first solar-powered airport

By Ella-Louise Micallef / 28 Feb 2018

As of 2015, Cochin International Airport in southern India became the first airport to run on 100% solar power. The project required the installation of 46,000 solar panels, with an initial capacity of 12 MW. This was soon expanded to 15.5 MW, as the solar panels were producing more electricity than was required by the airport, allowing for the excess electricity to be sold back to the grid. In 2017 they confirmed plans to expand their solar project, to ensure they could provide enough power for a new terminal being built at the airport.

So what?

The use of 100% solar power on an industrial scale further enforces the notion that renewable power is possible on a larger scale, without having to partially depend on conventional power supplies to meet demand.

The costs of setting up the solar plant will be recouped by around 2020, providing the airport with significant long term savings. It will also benefit the environment by preventing large amounts of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere, which would have been generated from coal-fired plants. Could we see more industrial buildings powered entirely by renewables?


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