American company JUST creates animal-free foie gras

Signal of change / American company JUST creates animal-free foie gras

By Shola Powell / 08 Feb 2018

American food company JUST, formerly known as Hampton Creek, has created a ‘clean’ foie gras by growing liver cells in a laboratory without harming any animals.

Scientists use small biopsies of animals’ liver, culture the cells and feed them sugar, increasing the fat levels until they mimic the 'hepatic lipidosis' produced by over-fed ducks and geese.

This ‘clean’ foie gras offers an alternative to the fatty duck or goose liver delicacy, which involves the controversial force-feeding of birds.


So what?

JUST is one of a few start-ups with the goal of bringing “clean meat” into the mainstream using “cellular agriculture”.

This alternate method could help solve food security and ethical challenges posed by a rapidly increasing global population with rising demand for meat.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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