Costa Rica to tackle pelagic fishery sustainability

Signal of change / Costa Rica to tackle pelagic fishery sustainability

By Kartik Krishnamoorthy / 22 Jan 2018

Costa Rica has launched a new fishery improvement project (FIP), focusing on tuna, swordfish, and mahi fishing. The FIP calls under the framework of the National Platform for Sustainable Large Pelagics Fisheries, with support from the United Nations Development Programme, and guided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the Costa Rican Institute of Fishing and Aquaculture and the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

The aim is to involve all relevant stakeholders in the supply chain to accelerate sustainability among large fisheries. 

“This FIP represents a comprehensive effort in which all stakeholders in country and engaged companies in the supply chain are getting together in an innovative way to advance the sustainability of large pelagics fisheries in the country,” said Enrique Alonso, Latin America Fishery Coordinator for the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP).

So what?

This is the first fishery improvement project in Costa Rica, a country where tuna and related species make up more than 60% of catches. Most of the catches are exported, with 95% of mahi going to the US.

The new scheme responds to demand for sustainable products, and will also contribute to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals - says Mauricio Gonzalez, Director of the of National Federation of Fisheries Organizations.


Costa Rica to tackle pelagic fishery sustainability

In Costa Rica, tuna and related species represent more than 60 percent of the catches within a fishing sector that in 2012 provided around 7200 jobs nationally, with 23 percent in harvesting, 72 percent in processing, and 6 percent in distribution of seafood products.


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