Here's what your signals are saying about the future of energy

Signal of change / Here's what your signals are saying about the future of energy

By Will Dawson / 30 Oct 2017

What’s the role of blockchain in the energy system of the future? This was a focus of discussions at the Solar and Storage Expo at Birmingham, UK from 3 - 5 October. Is it a solution to gaining trust? A way of democratising the value of the data generated, with peer-to-peer trading? A means to offer transparent access to the data?

This is what your signals are telling us:


And what’s the future of business models in the energy market? The price of electricity looks set to converge on zero, as demand is met from renewables that are generated and exchanged with no marginal cost. This means power supplied by the grid might effectively be unmetered, but there could be a higher ‘line rental’ charge to maintain it. The level of consensus around this as a way forward was striking.


Signals you've spotted around this:


I spoke about our project The Living Grid, which explores the roles we will all play, as users and generators of energy, in balancing future grids – as we’re already seeing with electric vehicles.

Signals you've spotted around this:



Thank you for sharing your signals of change with us. The more signals we track from across the world, the better we are able to spot opportunities for action. What else are you seeing in and around the future of energy?

What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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