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Your signals in data

Signal of change / Your signals in data

By Futures Centre / 15 Sep 2017

Thank you for making a difference by sharing your signals. As we track change together we heighten our awareness of how we can act today for a more sustainable future.

Here is a live dashboard of data compiled from the signals you are submitting:


The above categories represent the clusters that we at Forum for the Future are focussing our work on. Though by no means exhaustive, these are the areas we believe are ripe for change, and where we can make a difference.



We are keen to add more meaningful metrics as we go along. What would you most like to see tracked?

*Stats are updated on a daily basis.

What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

I think 'what are the signals about?' is the most interesting here. Could we track the trend in signal areas? Which are strong, which are new and growing?

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I agree with Neil, about what the signals of change are about being the most interesting thing here. We are aggregating these signals under Clusters for these stats, can you point me towards a page where I could just see a list of links to the signals, organised by Cluster heading. 

That would give me better opportunity to curate signals for different communities of interest. 


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