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CRISPR gene engineering home kits now for sale

Signal of change / CRISPR gene engineering home kits now for sale

By Michaela Rose / 07 Sep 2017


This signal was also spotted by Joy Green:

"Biohackers are now self-editing with CRISPR - don't think anyone has a handle on the implications of DIY gene-editing on humans and it's rushing towards us much quicker than expected.

The same guy in that article also helps cancer patients with DIY immunotherapy and sells DIY CRISPR kits online"

Modifying Your Own Genes Is Just An Injection Away-If You're Feeling Lucky

"What we've got here is some DNA, and this is a syringe," Josiah Zayner tells a room full of synthetic biologists and other researchers. He fills the needle and plunges it into his skin. "This will modify my muscle genes and give me bigger muscles."

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What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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