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Climate change art projects scale in UK

Signal of change / Climate change art projects scale in UK

By Naomi Kreitman / 07 Mar 2017
Elizabeth Farrell

Collaborations and crowdsourcing are enabling greater reach for art projects in the UK that aim to increase engagement with climate change.

Glacier Girl started as Lizzie Farrell’s school art project, which in only a few years has developed from an Instagram account into an exhibition in Somerset House and collaborations with Vivien Westwood. Farrell takes photos that turn capitalism on its head, trying to rebrand climate change into an issue palatable and understandable to the Instagram generation.

Then there's the Greenland Glaciers Project: a multidisciplinary venture that sent a composer, film director and poet to Greenland to be inspired and create. The crowdfunded project will result in a performance piece that will tour around UK music festivals, schools, and conferences after the premiere in May.

So what?

The arts offer a way to engage those who may find issues of sustainability alienating, or difficult to understand. These projects show the potential of collaborations and crowdsourcing to enable initiatives to reach larger audiences.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

Great to see talented people coming up with ways to raise awareness of climate change issues. Especially relevant right now with the worrying news coming out of the Maldives about mega-resorts and the possible sell-off of islands:
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