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Vending machines offer sustainable meat around the clock

Signal of change / Vending machines offer sustainable meat around the clock

By Madhumitha Ardhanari / 08 Feb 2017

At Applestone Meat Company in Accord, New York, vending machines now sell fresh cuts of locally raised meat, free of hormones and antibiotics. With the swipe of a credit card, customers can choose seasonally available meat products, such as sausages and steaks. The vending machines are open 24/7, and are fitted with advanced refrigeration systems to ensure that the food stays cooled and safe for consumption. If a machine's temperature deviates from the safe temperature for more than 30 minutes, the system disallows customers from making a purchase.

So what?

Despite various innovations in the meat industry, sustainable meat is still expensive. With the development of new and potentially more affordable meat retail systems, such as these vending machines, availability is increasing for fresh and sustainable meat. If the vending machines become mainstream, they could also promote the consumption of local meat.

How about you, will you consider buying your meat from a vending machine? Convenience has always affected our consumption habits. Is this very different to buying a burger from a drive-thru?


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

While it doesn't actually help people get different cuts of high-quality beef conveniently. McDonald's Big Mac vending machines could be a similar trend:
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Wow wonder if this is a signal of change in itself - what does it mean for the future of fast food, health and sustainability?
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