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Virtual tour of 'Food that Doesn't Reach Your Plate'

Resource / Virtual tour of 'Food that Doesn't Reach Your Plate'

By Gwyneth Marcelo / 02 Dec 2016

What happens to the ‘Food that Doesn’t Reach Your Plate’ as it makes its supply-chain journey through Asia? On the evening on 29 November, Forum for the Future's Singapore-based team led our Network event attendees on an interactive walking tour of the food supply chains that bring Singaporeans their much-loved food. Almost 40% of food is wasted in Asia Pacific, and most of this waste happens before food reaches consumers.

Our tour of the current supply chain and the issues that players on the ground face in terms of food loss brought the problem to life for many participants, and we’ve been requested to reproduce the stories and narratives online. But Forum doesn’t just stop at identifying problematic hotspots in a system – towards the end of the evening, our tour transformed and we were able to showcase the supply chain tour of the future.

 [link to slideshow]

Witness how some of the solutions taken from our Global Food Logistics Innovations Map transforms each link in the supply chain in the year 2025, creating impact for stakeholders, resources, and the businesses that form these supply chains. We hope to leave you with the impression that these zero-waste, sustainable food supply chains are very much within our reach if we start collaborating in effective ways. 

 [link to slideshow]

What other zero-waste signals of change have you seen? Tell us what you think here or on social media with #disruptfood. For more information, please read the Call to Action and reach out to Gwyneth Fries, Senior Sustainability Advisor at Forum for the Future at

What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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