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By Toby Strudwick / 15 Sep 2016

For the Guggenheim Museum’s first online exhibition, they have gone further than the usual supplementary addition of digital gadgets and displays, and made the exhibit entirely digital, online and interactive. Anyone can sign up and take part.

The Åzone Future Market takes the form of an online marketplace. However, instead of shares and commodities, users buy and sell different ‘futures’. These are based on recent and predicted technological, social and policy developments, and are as intriguing as they are varied.

Some examples include: Decentralised Sustainable Energy, Communised Intellectual Property, Legislated Luddism and Personalised Medicine.

Each new user receives 10,000 of Åzone Currency. Although users are likely to have preconceived ideas about the given likelihood of certain futures, they are encouraged to share articles and news items that have influenced, or may influence others investment decisions. If someone else invests based on a ‘hot tip’ that you provide, you receive credits.

Moreover, value fluctuates based on others’ investments so by sharing the information that led you to invest you encourage others to do the same, and thus could increase the value of your stock. You are then free to sell, hopefully before someone else shares news that could be detrimental to a given future.

A summary is also provided of the state of society as a result of the new technological developments. For instance: ‘The world is looking slightly more safe than yesterday’. It’s simple, but addictive. Try it out and see if you can create the kind of future you want to see.

Resource submitted by Winnie Lim.

Image credit: screenshot by Toby Strudwick

What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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