Interactive maps and infographics visualise national climate data

Resource / Interactive maps and infographics visualise national climate data

By Will Ingram / 12 Oct 2015


A series of interactive maps and infographics created by the World Resources Institute present climate data, past and future, in an easily intelligible and informative way.


This ensemble of tools is allowing governments, international organisations and researchers to perform hard-hitting analysis that will inform policy and support the case for action on greenhouse gas emission and climate change.


National data on emissions and policies is clearly displayed throughout map formats, and methodologies behind emission forecasts are available.


The tools outline the national commitments for COP21 (INDCs) and pre-2020 pledges. Equity indicators such as capacity to adapt to climate impacts and HDI are also given for countries in the Equity Explorer.


The data used is fully downloadable, and the World Resources Institute uses the resource throughout its blog.



Image Credit: NASA


What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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