Tool will trace sustainability of seafood supply chains

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The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is piloting a new traceability tool that verifies seafood supply chains.

As the demand for certified sustainable seafood continues to grow, the MSC is keen to ensure that its Chain of Custody Standard continues to certify high standards of sustainable seafood across the complex global supply chain.

The MSC’s current certification system verifies products only coming from certified sustainable fisheries, with correct labelling.

This new tool will complement this system by adding transaction information about volume, species, invoice number and transaction. This will serve to further mitigate the risk of fraud, that is, of non-sustainably sourced seafood being labelled and sold as certified.

The MSC is seeking feedback from users to shape its continued development.

Members of the seafood industry are invited to share their insights in an online consultation taking place between 17 August and 18 September 2015.The MSC will also be hosting online interactive workshops for supply chain companies looking to improve transactions and verification across the sustainable seafood industry. The workshops will be taking place on 2 and 3 September.

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Image credit: Marine Stewardship Council Benelux / Flickr

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