How to read the contents of the Living Grid Explorer

Resource / How to read the contents of the Living Grid Explorer

By Futures Centre / 21 Apr 2017

Signal of change: Examples of living systems or energy systems operating in ways that could be transformative, from user behaviour to smart technology 

For example: World’s first blockchain-managed energy transaction

Resource: Articles, maps, tools and diagrams that help build our understanding of how a 'living grid' might function

For example: Join the living grid community

Sensemaking: Discussions, articles and thought leadership from pioneers and experts 

For example. We need to draw our energy from a living system


You are invited to join the community and contribute to the content. We'll build on the examples and ideas that we find particularly interesting in your comments and posts, developing new signals of change or resources. If you have an idea for a sensemaking piece, please get in touch

What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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