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Recipes for food system transformation

Over the next few months, we will bring some perspectives and insights to the mix on a selection of top questions and themes about food system transformation, focusing on the nature and quality of the transition the world needs to see. We’ll look at what’s slowing or stopping progress towards the best possible outcomes for the future of food, and what’s working well that others can learn from.

We will share more of what we’ve learnt from the many initiatives we have led or taken part in, in particular our work on the future of protein. We will also share insights about certain traps to avoid. What can efforts to transform the protein system, as one part of the puzzle, tell us about what’s needed to transition to a world that’s delivering good food for everyone? And what signals of positive change are we collectively seeing, that can help inspire, motivate and guide us along the way, or even change people’s minds about what’s possible?

We will explore four main themes based on buzzword terms coming up repeatedly in discussions about the future of food (and elsewhere of course), but with plenty of scope to be interpreted in different ways:

Innovation, Resilience, Diversity, and Net Zero

 As changemakers across the food system, we are asking you to join the conversation and share your insights too: what’s stopping you or slowing you down in your efforts to transform the food system?  What is working, that you’re doing or seeing around you? And what else do you need? What’s your biggest question about how we get to a just and regenerative food system?

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