Blank Space: a design concept to inspire new futures for fashion

Sensemaking / Blank Space: a design concept to inspire new futures for fashion

A creative lab where you can transform your old goods into new designs

By Marie-Laure Archambault / 01 Nov 2016

This is one of eight rapid prototypes for the future of fast fashion to come out of a rapid design sprint led by Forum for the Future and Elliott P. Montgomery of the Parsons School of Design. Enjoy the description below, but remember, it is a design concept, not an actual product. Find out more about the design process here.

In 2025, 70% of African nations are refusing to accept clothing donations, as it has negatively impacted the local clothing market and created an abundance of waste in their countries.

Imagine a place where you could bring your old consumer goods and transform them into new designs using the most up-to-date technology. Blank Space is a creative lab attached to a slow fashion store in Brooklyn, New York. At Blank Space, participants have the opportunity to repurpose old consumer goods alongside designers and each other, sharing their ideas through a growing opensource platform.

How does it work? 'Blankspacers' have two ways of engaging with the platform:

Physical Space:

  • Bring at least one consumer good and pay per hour
  • Access to leftover goods
  • State-of-the-art innovative tools, such as fabric, plastic and metal recycling machines, 3D printers, dye-less color, and more.
  • Led by an in-house designer-technician
  • Sessions are recorded and shared on the open source platform, where blankspacers are encouraged to innovate from each other's design

Digital Space:

  • @blankspace handle for all users: anyone can join the digital space
  • 'Blankspacers' post their lab or home creations on their user-page
  • Each final item needs to include the creation video
  • Users inspire and are inspired by other’s ideas and processes, and should tag the 'blankspacer' who inspired their work
  • #hashtags are used as labels in different categories listed on the platform

Blank Space aims to change consumer behavior by engaging consumers in the process of innovating and repurposing goods through new technologies. In return, consumers will extend the lifespan of goods, and reduce individual waste.

Think twice next time you want to throw away a product: bring it to Blank Space, transform it, and inspire others!  

By Hosu, Carolina, Sebastian and Marie-Laure.

See and hear more about these artifacts at our Future of Fast Fashion event on November 1st in New York City.

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