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Our future with A.I. – doom or bloom?

Sensemaking / Our future with A.I. – doom or bloom?

This is what your signals of change are telling us about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on society.

By Michaela Rose / 24 Oct 2017

This blog was first published on Forum for the Future on 23 Oct 2017.

The last weeks have been exciting for the tech catalyst team, with one common theme coming up in almost every recent conversation around emergent tech – the impact of Artificial Intelligence on society.

On the 4th of October I spoke at an event called “Breakout: Ethical codes for the digital age, where here again the impact of A.I. on society was central to the conversation.

I presented two future scenarios that emergent technologies could lead us to; one future whereby technology is applied to enhance society and the environment; and another future where technology is applied in negative ways leading to a future – which certainly I don’t want to live in.

Today we are seeing indications that both scenarios are possible, and of course it is not black and white, but I wanted to deliver a clear message through the demonstration of the two scenarios: that we have the choice of where we want technology to lead, and we have already begun to make these choices.

“It was not the machine, but what one did with the machine, that was its meaning or message.” Marshall McLuhan

Artificial intelligence could create huge opportunities for society, and we have spotted some signals of change pointing towards a positive future for tech…

But we can also see signals of change of a negative future...


The question is what future do we want to scale up? And how are we going to do it?

What other signals have you seen on how A.I. is changing the way we live whether for better or worse? Tell us in the comments below.

For more about how algorithms stabilize the current systems, what the key answers to unleash A.I. for positive change are, and how to use systems thinking to channel A.I. into the right direction, read the full blog here.



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