Thought of the day #9: What if energy flowed free?

Sensemaking / Thought of the day #9: What if energy flowed free?

By Robert Groves, CEO SmartestEnergy

By Robert Groves / 24 May 2017

What would happen in a future where technology enabled everyone to be both a generator and consumer of electricity? Where the falling costs of renewable generation technology meant most could generate their own electricity from rooftop PV? Where the electrification of transport, brought about by the global car industry’s transition to electric vehicles, meant most owned a battery able to store the electricity they produced? In such a world of ‘local’ and zero marginal cost electricity, could we see a situation where electricity is free and only those connected to the grid continue to pay for it?

It sounds fantastic doesn’t it? But as the forces of decentralisation, decarbonisation and digitalisation take effect a world of possibility is emerging to do more with electricity. And as we transition to such a future, flexibility in how we mange supply and demand will become more important than ever. SmartestEnergy is positioning itself as a company that will enable its customers to receive value for the flexibility they provide to manage the changing supply and demand balance brought about by the closure of old generators, growth of renewable generation and changing consumption brought about by new technologies. There’s a real shift towards a more interactive, social and self-organising system: quite literally the grid is coming to life!

What might the implications of this be? What related articles have you seen?

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