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Thought for the day #4: Towards collaborative computation

Sensemaking / Thought for the day #4: Towards collaborative computation

Nishanth Sastry wonders how we can process and send data with minimal power usage in an increasingly data-heavy world.

By Nishanth Sastry / 17 May 2017

Our increasingly digital lifestyles have led ICT to become a surprisingly large proportion of our energy consumption globally. Running large server farms in concentrated data centres requires us to expend massive amounts energy just to cool down the servers. Lots more energy is then required to send data across nations and internationally. We can reduce the carbon emissions associated with this by using smart technologies and more efficient cooling, but it’s an energy-intensive set-up by design. 

What if we could process and send data in ways that simply don’t require all that power in the first place?

My research at Kings College London is asking how we might decentralise data centres themselves, as a way of reducing the total energy required for computation.  By distributing data centres closer to where they’re needed, data traffic wouldn't have as far to travel and communities could work together to manage their local need for computation and the energy demands associated with this.  For example, by using micro-servers in homes and organisations, it might one-day be possible for neighbours to trade and share their own processing capacity.  

I wonder what we can learn from the intelligence of living systems to help us lead more efficient, intent-driven and local, digital lives than we do today?  I'm keen to hear your thoughts.

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Nishanth Sastry is Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Telecommunications Research at Kings College London


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