Thought for the day #5: Participative battery storage

Sensemaking / Thought for the day #5: Participative battery storage

Matt Allen explores how access to battery storage can transform passive energy users to active ones.

By Matt Allen / 17 May 2017

A truly Living Grid requires us all to participate, which means thinking about where our electricity comes from and understanding the positive impact it has on our lives. Yet, when we talk about battery storage, and other low carbon solutions, we tend to overlook the role of people as buyers and consumers of power.

At Become Energy, we’re passionate about inspiring and engaging people to think about energy in new ways, using battery storage as a catalyst to create opportunities for active participation.  We’ve been passive energy consumers for far too long – it’s time for us to become part of the solution.

It’s why we’re developing new models for sharing in the access and benefits of battery storage - for example, by offering shared-ownership models for the refinancing of projects and by re-purposing ‘end of life’ batteries in parts of the world that still don’t have access to reliable electricity. We believe that by working together in this way, we can turn action into impact and create the foundations for a smarter energy future.


Matt Allen is Founder and CEO of Become Energy.


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